Working with our partners in social care, we will work closely to understand what the key issues are that present themselves to a service user and their families. We work swiftly to implement a personalised plan with agreed outcomes to ensure maximum success in our service delivery offering.

Key outcomes examples we have completed in the past for our service users have

included, but are not limited to:

* Supporting increasing social opportunities

* Accessing community facilities

* Offering assistance to join mainstream services with support

* Increasing confidence to attend a short break service

* Listening services

* Helping young people to achieve potential

* Understanding a diagnosis

* Self-management of triggers on behaviours that challenge

* Parent support

* Inclusion into local community

* Sibling support and increased understanding sessions

Our highly trained staff work closely with a young person, and their family, to offer tailored,personalised support. Sessions are outcome based and set with the young person, family members and social worker/professional. This means that our team are experienced in offering time bound, focused sessions and supporting service users to work towards key targets and goals.

We have shown our service to be adaptable to meet the needs of our service users, working swiftly to reduce the impact of future service and support.

Our core service is an empowerment service. We don’t do for, we help you do for yourself to limit a young person’s dependency on long term service were possible. Our staff are trained with this in mind. Our young people feel safe, supported and listened too when being cared for by our team. This is due to our staff being attentive to young people’s needs and rights.

Choosing you OWN support: Service users are worked with to build their own support packages, choosing their own support workers and setting their own objectives. We allow our service users to choose the date and time of their own session, meeting in with their needs, not ours! Our service users dictated what meets in with their needs and we ensure our service fit around their needs, not the other way around.

PSA 1:1 Support: When we offer a 1-1 provision we take time to understand the needs of the young person we are required to support. We take the time to map out their key challenges, future aspirations, needs, wants and wishes. From this, we build a personalised I AM Profile of the young person. We match this with a personalised I AM profile of our staff member .

To MAIN we understand the vital importance of matching a PSA with the needs and interests of our young people.

The PSA Services that we currently offer are:

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