As you have probably already read, MAIN began its support and services in giving advice and guidance to families who had children on the Autism Spectrum, and given that the majority of our staff team are parents themselves of Autistic children, you can understand that this is an area of great interest and passion for MAIN.

Our support to families ranges dependent on the family itself, we are a completely user led service with one distinct view point….we are all different, therefore our approach should be unique to you!

Over the next few pages you will be able to navigate yourself to a page which feels right for you.  
Below is a list of services that MAIN offer for support and guidance to families who have autistic children:

In some cases you may want to know what is available in YOUR area and may not be as interested in what MAIN are offering elsewhere, by which case we have made your journey linked to the area in which you live:

However, you may be looking for support for a older young person and not as concerned with geographical boundaries, by which, you will find a transitions section of the website, and by reading our information on transitions you will see it isn’t always for older children.

For some supporting preschool children (0-5) you will find details of our support and services and groups.

The important thing to remember is that while many of our services do work geographically or by disability, diagnosis or age, MAIN as a support and service do not. We will work with you regardless of your status for diagnosis, many of the young people we support may never achieve a full diagnosis.  MAIN can still offer advice and guidance and most importantly, support to you as a family.

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