We’ve worked with Adults on the Autistic Spectrum, offering reassurance and advice designed for each individual person.

We not only help people overcome their own personal difficulties of fears, we empower them with the confidence to be part of society.

When we first began our services we initially developed services specifically for children on the spectrum and their families, however as time went on and the children became adults, we began to realise just how little was available for these individuals, after all we’re adults a lot longer than we are children.

Never a charity to walk away from a challenge, MAIN started identifying ways in which we could support these individuals, and their families into adulthood.  No longer was the need for respite the primary focus, now we began to look at employment opportunities, expanding awareness of later diagnosis, accessing support packages, making friends and developing peer support networks.

This lead to MAIN further expanding its services to ensure that the whole journey of those on the Autistic Spectrum were supported.  That services didn’t just stop when a child reached adulthood and that MAIN would remain as a constant in each individuals life, there to support, if and when they needed it.

MAIN has been involved in a number of key projects involving adults over the past few years, such as the development of a  business incubation hub, an innovative scheme to allow individuals on the spectrum to come together, discuss business ideas, develop business plans, understanding financial budgeting, setting up and running their own businesses.  As a result a number of organisations went to to establish themselves as successful organisations, none more so than Attic Online, a CIC ran by 5 adults on the Autism Spectrum.

MAIN also began running group sessions for individuals to come together in a safe environment, in and around community locations to start to develop a peer support network [Click here for more info].  The group has become extremely popular and has over 20 members who regularly attend, enjoying many activities, pushing their own limitations and encourage active participation in the planning and mapping of the groups activities.

We are very proud of our new service to provide post diagnostic support and service to people on the Autism Spectrum in County Durham.  This is a new service in the Region and provides a variety of support and services to adults who have either just received a diagnosis of the Autism Spectrum or those already diagnosed who do not meet the FACS criteria for social care support.

Throughout our journey, we have continued to support people on a 1-1 basis, offering support and guidance with benefits, accessing independent living, managing support packages, along with not forgetting the parents & carers.  Regularly supporting through peer support networks, being a presence in the local community, networking within parent carer groups and being a general advocate for better services for adults on the spectrum.

MAIN also played a pivotal role within the Working Together for Change Project in Teesside, facilitating seminars, workshops, actively encouraging adults and families on the spectrum to get involved to change services for the better, in addition to providing vital statistics to key Local Authority members about the real life experiences of adults on the Autism Spectrum.

MAIN continues this work with Adults on the Autism Spectrum and is the named engagement link with the Autism Service Delivery Group (ASDG) in Teesside.  Working closely with Adults across the Region, MAIN has built a unique insight into the barriers which are faced on a daily basis and the challenges to those who are supporting these adults in a “informal carer” capacity.  MAIN ensures that these key issues are fed back into the Tees Group made up for Local Authority commissioning representatives along with health commissioners and parent/carers themselves to ensure that the voices of adults in our community are represented.

Take a look at our Post Autism Diagnostic Support Service

We have support for adults in the following areas:

We are proud of our role with adults, parents and carers of those on the Autistic Spectrum and hope to continue supporting people on their journey.

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