For the past 5 years MAIN has been providing short break services via the Local Authority. Over this time, we have supported many young people on their own journeys and are proud of the work we have been able to do.

We have been selected to continue our work with young people in Redcar and Cleveland for the coming 3 years and we could not be more excited our thrilled about it.

As a result of this new tender we have been able to carry out extensive consultation with young people and families to bring together a NEW offering over the coming 3 years.

The current service has seen a wonderful mix of young people accessing our groups, but there has always been those young people who didn’t feel it was the right fit for them.  These are the young people who we then see as adults who are socially excluded and struggling to understand the world around them.  We strongly felt this was due to a lack of intervention and support in those formative years with their own peer groups.

With this in mind, we set out to differentiate the support to young people, no longer just by age, but also ability and level of need.  This new offering will see young people’s journey being much more personalised and meaningful due to the focus and direction the team can offer to the young people in attendance.

The full breakdown of the new services are outlined by following the link for Redcar and Cleveland Short Breaks.

This is an exciting and scary time for the young people who currently access our groups or those who may want to start accessing them again.  As a result, a transition plan is in place for each group and the current provision.  Parents and young people are now being made aware of the new groups and which provision would be best for their own young person.

The biggest notable point behind the new service is the combining of provision from one location, at the same time.  This was evaluated heavily by the team to ensure this was the best thing for the young people and the families.  We established by running at the same time, families who have young people who fall into different groups would receive the benefit of having a short break with both young people being supported.  When we haven’t looked at this in the past, this has stopped families being able to access and we needed to be as holistic in our new approach as possible.

Should you wish to discuss the new service or book your child a place, please contact the team on 01642 608012.