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MAIN’s Big Build

MAIN’s Big Build


Here’s Alfie, a lad bursting with creativity and an infectious smile, who needs a bit of support from Lauren here at MAIN, so he can learn and play with others. There are lots of kids like Alfie across our region – you probably know some of them – with disabilities like autism and cerebral palsy, but many of them are on a waiting list to get the support they need. Some families are struggling with the diagnosis they just heard, others haven’t had a moment’s break in months, and some just want a safe and comfortable place for their children to play. Can you spare £5 to help more kids like Alfie? Every penny raised for MAINs Big Build will stay right here in the region, to create a new centre that will allow MAIN to double the number of people we can help.

All donations to MAINs Big Build will be rewarded with a free campaign bag. Learn more about how your donation can be recognised below.

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Mains Big Build

If you’ve seen DIY SOS – this is MAINs Big Build. Thanks to a very generous donation from the Finlay Cooper Fund, we’ve bought our own premises, and we now need to renovate the building so it’s a safe and inspiring space for our visitors by January 2021. It’s a big job – we need to raise £205,000 to refurbish it to the standards our users need and deserve. This is your opportunity to help. If you, and folks like you, give just £5 today, we could hit that total. We could change lives like Alfie’s. We can create the Finlay Cooper Centre – a beacon for families living with disabilities to get the support and skills they need to thrive.

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Colin Cooper from the Finlay Cooper Trust and Helen Jaques, MAIN’s Charity Manager at the new premises in North Ormesby.

How will the funds be used?

100% of the funds raised from MAINs Big Build will be used for the renovation of the Finlay Cooper Centre, and will stay here in the North East to help families in our region. At our new home, we’ll have:

  • bespoke rooms for different ability groups to allow us to offer more tailored support – meaning our older users don’t have to hang out with soft toys, and our higher needs kids aren’t at risk
  • classrooms to offer special education services – a lifeline for families whose children can’t attend mainstream school
  • a sensory garden and outdoor play area to help many of our users to experience the outdoors as they’ve never done before and to grow their own produce on the land.
  • state-of-the-art equipment for our sessions to enable our users to develop and learn the skills they need to live independently
  • specially adapted changing areas suitable for all ages to give our users a hygienic, comfortable place to get changed in dignity
  • training rooms to coach parents, teachers, employers and the local community about the disabilities we understand
  • better security features to keep all our visitors safe and our legacy protected

We all benefit when we can enable others to participate socially, engage in our community and live a fulfilled, independent life. That’s something little Finlay Cooper could be proud to put his name to.

Donating on behalf of a business

If you’re a local business, could you pledge a small amount towards our appeal? To say thank you, we would love to acknowledge your gift at the Finlay Cooper Centre and in our marketing of MAINs Big Build.

We have a number of packages that you can support, and we’d be happy to chat about any bespoke ideas you have, too. If you can offer your time or materials to help with the renovation, we’d love to talk to you about that. We have a long list of materials we need, from plaster and paint to garden equipment and fencing, so if you or someone you know has some to give away, we’d love to hear from you.

Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss how we can partner with you.

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All donors will be invited to print their hand on the wall of the Finlay Cooper Centre.

Individuals – lend us a hand and we’ll print yours on the wall

MAINs Big Build will need the whole community to rally round. If you can donate even a little of your time, your money or materials you have for our new home, we would be very grateful. To say thank you, we’ll be inviting everyone who’s made our dream come true to join us at the opening of the Finlay Cooper Centre and to print their helping hand on the wall.

We welcome any donation you’re able to make.

  • To pledge materials or time, please contact us
  • To donate money to the appeal, please visit our Just Giving page