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Daniel’s Story

Before Daniel started accessing MAIN’s Post Diagnosis Support Service (PDSS) he was isolated and spent most of his time alone at home.  His apprenticeship had not worked out how he had hoped and he was beginning to feel a failure.  He had low self-esteem and lacked confidence.  His anxieties were beginning to escalate and he didn’t know how to interact appropriately with others.

He was referred to MAIN and assessed by the Autism Resource Co-ordinator who agreed a package of intervention.  This included attendance at workshops which taught him among other things, about his diagnosis.  He began to recognise the symptoms described by the Workshop Facilitator in himself and suddenly things began to make sense.

He gained friendships with other service users attending the workshop and as his confidence grew he joined the Adult Group and began to socialise with others.  Under the guidance of the Adult Group Facilitator he learned how to arrange meets and those vital skills of negotiation, interaction and money management.

MAIN’s Autism Resource Worker began working on a specific package of support tailored to Daniel’s needs which included independent travel.  This gave him the confidence to travel by bus, which he did from his home in County Durham to MAIN’s HQ in Middlesbrough in order to volunteer in the office which with some small adjustments he was able to do.

Daniel’s confidence improved so much he applied for the job of office cleaner at MAIN.  Daniel was successful in his application and entered paid work again.  Daniel was keen to do this duty as it challenged himself to task his independent travelling skills and he responded well to the extra responsibility.  He worked diligently and consistently for a few months.  Following which he applied for and was successful in achieving further paid work at MAIN’s short breaks provision in Redcar.  This dual role not only expanded his travel responsibilities but extended his skills sets.  Subsequently he became part of a support team working on a 3:1 PSA package nearer to where he lived in County Durham.  Daniel’s new knowledge of the condition was invaluable when identifying crisis triggers in a young and very complex service user as he related to similar experiences himself.

Daniel’s confidence has increased with his health and wellbeing now very much improved. His dependency on benefits is reduced as he now makes a positive contribution to the exchequer. He is a credit to MAIN, but most importantly he is a credit to himself.