MAIN is always looking for fundraising ideas:

Here is a link to our  Sponsorship Form

As a charitable organisation, MAIN relies heavily on your support so we are always looking at ways people can get involved and support the charity.

Whether you are from the local community, businesses, corporations, investors, or can can provide grants and donations, we need you help. Therefore, we try to arrange many events throughout the year for our supporters to attend or participate in, whether that is a Race Night at a Local pub, a Gala Ball, Murder Mystery Nights or giving people the opportunity to doing something they never dreamed possible whilst also raising money for the charity, such as The Inca Trail.

Whatever your passion, MAIN try to cater for it with fun and engaging charity events to help raise the profile of the charity, increase funding, but most importantly, to engage with our supporters.

Download a list of potential ideas for fundraising Top Fundraiser tips MAIN and sponsor form Main Sponsor Form (1).

How you can support us.

Over the years MAIN has been very fortunate to receive much valued support from the Local Community, parents of children accessing our services, adults who have been through our many employability schemes, Local Business, Students and individuals who have just wanted to get involved.

To all our supporters, we thank you!

For those who are interested in supporting our fundraising and, in turn, the charity and its beneficiaries, we would love to hear from you and get you started with our fundraiser pack.

  • Corporate Support. As most companies are looking for small charities which they can support and get involved with, MAIN, as a small Local charity, would be the ideal choice for any organisation to look at adopting or sponsoring.
  • Online Fundraising. With the expansion of online services making every aspects of our lives easier, faster, more accessible, it would be logical to utilise our fundraising efforts in the same way.
  • Gift Aid. Gift Aid is one of the most effective ways to give to charity.If you Gift Aid your donation, MAIN will receive an additional 28p for every pound you give.
  • Bucket List Events. Here are MAIN, we like to look at new and exciting ways to get people involved in our fundraising events. So, for our more adventurous fundraisers we have a selection of thrilling, exciting, innovative, once in a life time experiences, which people can sign up to take part in.

There are many other ways in which you can support our charity:

  • Collection boxes. Asking Local businesses if we can put a collection box in their reception, at a till, or go into an office and do a collection, will help us to not only raise money but to build links in the community and help us to continue providing our much needed services.
  • Organising an event. MAIN hold regular events throughout the year, but even with this we still need more funding coming in through donations, therefore volunteers organising their own events in aid of the charity are a huge support, big or small. This could be a bake sale, a sponsored silence, a jumble sale or an event at your home with a local party provider – whatever you do big or small, WILL make a difference
  • Pack a bag. Many Supermarket chains will allow charities to go into the store and do bag packing for a few hours on a weekend, this is fabulous way to support the charity giving up a small amount of time and raise the awareness of MAIN and Autism.
  • Promoting events. We always need individuals who are passionate about what we do to tell others how much it benefits those accessing our services, although as a team we are doing this daily, we still need people in the community helping us out too. Therefore support with selling tickets, putting up flyers, talking to people about the charity and its work, anything would be great. It’s not a lot of time, just a couple of hours a week, but leaving a lasting difference.
  • Supporting with donations. As a charity we are always looking for business to kindly donate goods for our up and coming events, these can be very small like biscuits or a bottle of wine, up to a signed football shirt or hotel for two for a romantic getaway. Having confident, outgoing volunteers who are not afraid to ask for things would help boost our current donations and, in turn, increase popularity of events.

These are just a few of the small things you can do to help this wonderful charity, if you don’t have the time to donate right now, why not ask your contacts if they have availability via our social networking links or try and supporting using online methods.

If you’d like to get in touch, for a chat or more information, please just contact our team.

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