National Groups – Links to National Autism organisations

National Autistic Society – The leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families. providing information, support and pioneering services, and campaigning for a better world for people with autism.

Parent Participation Groups (Children’s Services) – Links to various parent participation groups in the Tees Valley area

Parents 4 Change – GrandParent/Carers, Parents/Carers, Sibling/Carers, Foster Parent/Carers and Adoptive Parent/Carers, of children with disabilities in Middlesbrough developing ways to include families in the process of influencing change in Childrens Disability Services in Middlesbrough.

SUFC –  A parent participation group in Stockton set up under the Aiming High for Disabled Children agenda and operating a text messaging service to alert parents and carers of events, activities, training, etc as well as producing factsheets with information, support and advice for families who have a child/young person/adult with a disability, complex/additional or special educational need.

The Parent and Carers Alliance – A group of parents and carers of disabled children in Redcar, working to have their say about services, reflecting their childrens wishes and improves services.

Children with Disabilities Teams – Links to Tees Valley Children with Disabilities Teams

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Children with Disabilities Team – The Children with Disabilities Team provides a social work service to children with disabilities, both learning and physical, within Redcar and Cleveland. Access to services from Children’s Services is through referral and subsequent assessment by the Team.

Middlesbrough Borough Council Children with Disabilities Team – Dedicated team of social workers to support with children with disabilities and additional needs in Middlesbrough.

Complex and Additional Needs Team Stockton – The Complex and Additional Needs (CAN) service supports children and young people with complex and additional needs and their families.


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Employing People with Autism

This bespoke training lasts for 2½ hours and is beneficial to discovering about this complex condition and how the employer can adapt the workplace for an individual on the autism spectrum. [ More info and Booking ]

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