At MAIN we deliver a wide range of training programmes for anyone who has a need to understand more about Autism.  Training professionals, parents, carers or those on the Spectrum themselves, MAIN has a course to suit you!

Our aim is to influence positive changes in practice which in turn will improve the lives of individuals affected by this lifelong condition. We are gaining an increasing reputation by growing public recognition for our successful learning programmes which are lively, fun and interactive.

Our training can be delivered to a range of skills sectors and often has a huge positive influence on learners. In addition to our popular scheduled training programmes MAIN also offer bespoke training tailored to meet the needs of individual organisations. This training can be conveniently delivered at the client’s own venue throughout the North East of England.

Our trainer is a qualified teacher with 16 years’ experience working in a range of educational settings with people on the autism spectrum and is also a parent of a young adult with autism. She has the unique ability to be able to see the difficulties autism presents from both the professionals’ and parents’ perspective.

Furthermore at MAIN we believe in listening to the voice of people on the autism spectrum and whenever possible we engage the services of guest speakers with a diagnosis in our training programmes to explain their own personal perspective of the condition.

MAIN also frequently arranges seminars and workshops on topics of specific interest related to the autism spectrum delivered by a range of world-renowned guest speakers with particular specialisms.

We offer a wide range of courses to support and inspire people and families living with Autism.

Our courses and workshops are designed for you, delivered in a place where you feel at home. As part of these sessions we encourage individuals living with Autism to reach out and ‘tell is how it is’ as guest speaker.

Take a look through some of our latest events, or visit our EventBrite page for more information and bookings.

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This bespoke training lasts for 2½ hours and is beneficial to discovering about this complex condition and how the employer can adapt the workplace for an individual on the autism spectrum. [ More info and Booking ]

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